[BB Doku] Kai Greene – A new breed Overkill

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Kai Greene – A new breed Overkill

No IFBB pro bodybuilder in the world today captures the imagination of muscle fans more than KAI GREENE. With a superhero physique of massive stature and muscularity, Kai combines hardcore devotion, profound philosophy and physical domination – all rolled up into one untamed beast. But what exactly drives this muscle maniac to levels of self-torturous physical devastation in the gym unsurpassed by his peers? Who is this New Breed of Bodybuilder?

KAI GREENE – A NEW BREED explores the depths of this bodybuilding behemoth’s soul, capturing his daily struggle to reach physical perfection through the intense pain of training, Spartan dieting and self-decreed isolation. Volume 1: OVERKILL follows the man who lives by the daily philosophy known as Kick Ass, Inc. as he prepares for the biggest day of his competitive life – the 2009 Mr. Olympia.

Become an inside participant of Kai’s day-to-day struggle to be the best in the world. Witness his epic hardcore workouts and mental strength. Dig deep into his psyche to capture the essence of this powerful man’s spiritual commitment to bodybuilding – and his quest to be the world’s best muscleman. Yet after 7 weeks of total isolation in the desert, total unwavering commitment and the most grueling workouts imaginable, the outcome was not what was expected. Discover what ultimately went wrong during Kai’s march to Olympia greatness . . . and gain access to Kai’s plans to fulfill his destiny and achieve total vindication.

OVERKILL is a bodybuilding epic for the ages!

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