MIND – Motivationsvideo

MIND - Motivationsvideo
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MIND – Motivationsvideo

You either here or you there, there’s no middle ground. So what I’m telling you is that you can’t count the cost. When you want something bad, you can’t count the cost because if you count the cost and when you see how much it costs, you might quit, you might give up so you got to go in knowing that I don’t count the cost. I do as many push ups as it takes, as many sit ups as it takes, as many reps as it takes, I study as long as it takes, I pay whatever the price is. Why? Because if I start counting the cost, I might quit, I might give up, I might surrender. Don’t count the cost. You don’t count the cost on this one.


You just do what you got to do and then you look back when it’s all over and you see the rewards. You look back and you see the accomplishment. You don’t count it, you just look back and you see what you succeeded.

Everybody got a dream, everybody got a goal. If everybody wake up at the beginning of the year and said this is their year, then why is it some people’s year and not other people’s year. You know why? It don’t got nothing to do with your dreams and goals, everybody’s got a dream, everybody’s got a goal. The question is when you wake up in the morning, what effort are you putting forth?“ – Eric Thomas


  • Eric „E.T.“ Thomas
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

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